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Imagine, you're in the middle of a major tube bending production job. Your customer is relying on you to fill their order on time. Something happens and your HMI (Human Machine Interface) CNC Controller fails and you can no longer recall programmes or make changes.

Your once powerful machine is dead...!

Does the above look familiar...?

Power is nothing without control

A dead HMI / touch screen - Faulty electronics - No support or backup for your more than 10 year old HMI's. - You are on your own...!

What happens next...?

Choice No: 1 - Telephone the machine makers and ask for help, arrange for an expensive engineer that specialises in the complicated and old fashioned DOS or  MS Windows platforms to visit, wait for days possibly weeks for an engineer to be available. Then be charged hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds sterling for a new touch-screen and other spare parts plus the engineer's time.

Choice No: 2 - Replace the machine. Expensive, long delivery time plus you might need to retool, and your customer is not happy.

Choice No: 3 - Find a sub-contractor to continue your bending. Again expensive and little or no profit in it for you. You also risk losing the contract with your customer especially if the quality is not up to your standard.

Choice No: 4 - Plan ahead and up-grade your out of warranty CNC tube bending machines with the 'State of the Art' Phenix = MORE Control CNC Controller and Software. Why..? let's take a look...

Now having to use a desktop PC and keyboard