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Phenix = MORE Control

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We know that running a tube manipulation business means dealing with the unexpected. You need reliable support and back up that works with you at these important times.

Craig Webster head of our development team say's:

All too often, CNC tube bending machines are discarded for

the simple reason of no support for old often proprietary

control systems hardware and software.

Most often mechanical parts; bearings, bushes, linkages,

gears, ball-screws and hydraulics are easily

repaired or replaced

But electronics are not.

Knowing the weakness and shortcomings of

most old out of warranty control systems

Now, You can

Unleash an Extra 10 to 20 years of

profitable production life!

Phenix = MORE Control

exceeds by miles

the old out of date systems, and can

bring your current machines back-up to full

production capability saving you time and money.

High Performance - Profitable Solution

Expert Technical Support

Combine this with our competitive pricing policy and there has never been a better time to up-grade all of your out of

warranty CNC tube bending machines