Which one is Yours...?


Today, we have the features and flexibility to up-grade any existing bending machine with

any number of CNC axes, be-it a standalone machine or part of a fully functioning

production cell with robot load/off load

and other production-cell apparatus.

Here are some of the CNC

tube bending machines that

Craig project managed,

upgraded and gave them an  

Extra 10 to 20 years lease of life:


Which one is yours...?


Arena, Adaptive Motion, Addison, Bema, BLM, Chiyoda, Crippa, CSM, Criterion, Eaton Leonard, Eagle, Eurobend, Herber, Keins, Lang, Macri, MiiC, Pedrazzoli, PICO, Pines, Pulzer, Schwarze-Robitec, Schwarze Wirtz, Transfluid,

Trumpf Pulzer, SOCO, Unison, YLM.

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